About this Blog

This blog is for everything that is the teaching of English in secondary schools. We will discuss topics ranging from book reviews to methods to policy concerns and fights. If it impacts an English classroom, then it’s fair game on this blog.

With that said, I’ll leave you with my favorite quote on the topic of teaching English, and one that I believe captures the sentiments I hope to convey on this blog:

No one can teach English with completeness. It requires more knowledge, wisdom, and sympathy than any one man or woman can possess. It requires more reading, more writing, more study than the hours of the day allow. It results, as does all teaching, in defeats, in regrets, and in disappointments. But it results also in achievement, and adds to the very knowledge, wisdom, and sympathy it requires. It deals with the intimate matters of the mind, and so terrifies the thoughtful and sensitive teacher. There are a thousand reasons why you should not begin to teach English, and if you have begun, why you should leave for other fields; there are a thousand reasons, but there are a thousand and one why you should begin and why those of us who have begun would not stop — why, despite all we know, we could not leave. We Teach English. (LaBrant, 1954)


Matthew McConn


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